Project Date
31/07/2021 - 08/03/2022

Type of plant

Fondazione AVSI


Group 50Peak Power

117 kWp

Group 48Storage capacity

300 kWh


ESI S.p.A. has realized one of the first off-grid solar systems in Mozambique for the village of Mpaca, in the province of Cape Delgado, as part of the Ilumina project, funded by AICS (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation) and implemented by Fondazione AVSI.

The off-grid hybrid photovoltaic system consists of an installed capacity of 117 kWp through the use of high quality polycrystalline modules mounted on the ground with steel structures. The system is complemented by a storage capacity of 300 kWh (lead acid technology), which guarantees the continuity of the electrical service throughout the day. The technical room is housed in a 40-foot shelter pre-assembled in Italy. The shelter houses both the storage system and the conversion components of the photovoltaic system (inverter, EMS, main switchboard). There is also an 80 kVA diesel generator as a back-up component. The back-up generator comes into operation in the event of an emergency, thus ensuring the continuity of the electricity supply under all operating conditions.

The generation system feeds a low-voltage distribution network with a length of about 8 km, which allows the connection and electrification of about 460 users, including 15 commercial users, a school and a mill.
Monitoring through dedicated interfaces allows an instant assessment of energy flows and balances of energy produced, stored and consumed. The internet connection allows real-time remote monitoring of the plant itself.

Thanks to the presence of our photovoltaic plant, new commercial activities have been implemented and promoted within the community, which is planning to install electrical devices to improve health and basic necessity services. Thanks to the access to energy, various activities can now improve the quality of production and the conditions of the workers.

ESI is able to find adaptable solutions to particular needs in rural and isolated contexts, bringing technology that is simple and straightforward yet reliable and efficient..