Project Date
05/12/2022 - 19/10/2023

Type of plant


Group 50Peak Power

6,2 MWp

The construction of the Cascina Disma plant (7 MW) is part of the framework agreement signed with a leading operator in the sector for the design and construction of 6 photovoltaic plants in Piemonte for a total of 40MW.

Located in the municipality of Sezzadio (Alessandria), it is spread over 8 hectares of land and is divided into 335 tracker structures and 11,268 photovoltaic modules.

The plant consists of 2 subfields, crossed by the ancient "via Aemilia", where during the execution of the project a Roman tomb was found. The construction was characterized by the discovery, and continued in collaboration with the Superintendence of Archaeology of the province of Alessandria, ensuring the safety of the finds and the ancient Roman route.

The plant is inserted in the surrounding environment preserving the pre-existing flora; moreover ESI has realized the perimeter mitigation performing the planting of hundreds of trees and shrubs in accordance with the provincial regulations.

During the execution, with the aim of pursuing environmental sustainability, natural quarry materials were used on the construction site and all civil works are free of concrete.