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System Integrator

As System Integrator, we make different plants talk to each other. The aim is the creation of a functional structure that exploits the potential of power plants, creating additional functionalities for the entire system.

System Integrator

We have the know-how to combine many different technologies in challenging applications.

We are able to develop specific solutions for any particular requirement, thanks to our decades of experience in various fields such as photovoltaic systems, wind power plants, mini-grid systems and storage systems.

The design choices can have different combinations.

The integration phase of the various components chosen, such as inverters and batteries, is of fundamental importance. This phase requires a careful evaluation of possible technical solutions on the market that may be compatible with each other.

ESI has developed solid relationships with the suppliers of the various technologies, which allow us to offer the customer the most economically advantageous solution not only from a technological but also a constructive point of view.

Our strengths:

Extreme flexibility

both as regards the energy source and the storage system

Specific solutions

for every particular need

Important track record

on Off-Grid and Mini-Grid systems which allows participation in the most important international tenders

Flexible solutions

for every specific requirement, even in niche markets

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