We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors — we borrow it from our children.

American Indian Proverb

For ESI, sustainability is an essential value that guides every design choice, in any context. We believe in a world powered by renewable sources, where technology, culture and nature can coexist in harmony.

Environmental sustainability
Respect for the territory on which we operate is the principle from which we start from the earliest planning stages. Our plants are inserted into the environment paying particular attention to nature, its conformation, but above all without altering the balance of pre-existing flora and fauna.

Social sustainability
We often find ourselves working in contexts that are not easy from a social point of view, which is why our goal is, through our facilities, to help communities meet basic needs such as electricity and drinking water.

Economic sustainability
As a listed company, the numbers of each project are a fundamental part of it. Thanks to a special relationship with our suppliers, we are able to propose the best technological and cost-effective solutions compared to many competitors.